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Project Buick Gets Some Upgrades

Arizona Auto Scene’s ’87 Regal Limited Turbo gets some tweaks that make a difference

When we purchased our 1987 Buick Regal Limited Turbo it came with some upgrades that weren’t installed by its previous owner. Some of the parts we got with it were new a chip, 43 pound injectors, a set of AC Delco spark plugs, and the necessary gaskets to complete the swap.

While changing out the plugs we noticed that the wires were in horrible condition. Loose contacts were found on both the coil pack and the plugs. Evidence of arcing could be seen on the contacts. We replaced the wires with a set of Accel 8 mm silicone ones. After measuring the length, cutting them to fit, and crimping on the coil pack connectors we installed them on the car. A K&N filter was thrown into the factory air box. The combination of replaced parts had our Turbo Buick idling better and a bit more responsive on the throttle.

After the plugs and wires were changed, we began the necessary disassembly to remove the fuel rail and install the new injectors. Taking out time and breaks from the heat, the injector swap only took us about 2.5 hours. Once the injectors were in and fuel lines tested for leaks, we dropped in the new chip.

Swapping the ignition parts made the Regal run better, but the installation of the injectors and chip really woke the car up on our road test.

Unfortunately, evidence of a worn turbo was observed while working on the car. Although the car doesn’t smoke, engine oil in the induction system clearly indicates the turbo is worn and will need replacing in the very near future.

Jay Webb from Rolling Canvas Customs contacted us and has some ideas to use our Buick for some tech articles he’ll be writing in the near future.

Check back with Arizona Auto Scene to see the status of our project.

Here’s some other photos of the swapped parts.

Arcing between the coul pack and wire connector. Factory fuel injector was in dire need of replacement. Installed injectors.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the status of out project.

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Streetside Classics

MuscleKingz Car Show - Concert

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