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Project Buick Turbo is Road Worthy and will be Making Some Appearances at Local Cruises

With some of the bugs worked out, our Buick Turbo is ready to take some baby steps into Arizona’s automotive scene

Replacing the factory paper air filter with a K & N filter required that the MAF and MAT sensors be unplugged from the wiring harness. After reconnecting the sensors, the check engine light constantly came on as soon as the Buick was pulled out onto a major road. The error code “25” indicated the resistance in the MAT sensor was too high or the sensor itself was bad. For $25.00 we replaced the sensor with one from our local auto parts store.

Road testing after installing the new MAT sensor was a little better. The check engine light was now coming on, but only intermittently. We picked up some contact cleaner and cleaned the connector on the wiring harness. After applying some dielectric compound, we reconnected the sensor and took the Buick out for another ride. Success! The check engine light no longer comes on.

Another issue discovered during some of our road tests was a cracked radiator overflow bottle. The crack was in the bottom of the bottle, causing the bottle to hold no coolant at all. As a quick fix, we patched the bottom on the overflow bottle with a radiator patch. The patch included a fiberglass mesh and two part epoxy. After prepping the surface of the bottle with some light sanding and applying the patch, the bottle now holds fluids and is installed back on the car.

With these two issues corrected, we plan on bringing the Buick out to some local cruises in the near future.

Keep an eye out for Arizona Auto Scene’s 87 Buick Regal Turbo Porject.

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Moonshine Car Care Products

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