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Dana Cook and Her 2,400 Horsepower Twin Turbo Mustang GT

Just back from the PSCA Ford Racing “Record Breaker Nationals” at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, drag racer Dana Cook was kind enough to sit down with Arizona Auto Scene to talk about her car and drag racing career Monday afternoon.

Dana has been a long time fan of drag racing.  One of her first cars was a 1968 Chevelle that she had no problem mashing the throttle on.  As with all of us, Dana’s everyday commitments in life took over.  As life went on and she gained more free time for herself, Dana used that time to get into drag racing.  Not having her Chevelle or a car to race, she and her husband Don began hunting for a car suitable for the track.  After looking around for a race car, Dana and Don found this Modular Mustang Racing 2005 Mustang GT.  They purchased the car and put Dana’s plans of becoming a drag racer into motion.

In January 2009, Dana went to the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School in Gainesville, Florida. Dana graduated from the program and returned to Arizona with her Super Comp license.  Along with racing in some local drag race organizations, Dana has  been racing in the Xtreme Drag Radial class with the PSCA (Pacific Street Car Association.) She is currently 11th in points for her class.  The PSCA will be running 9 events in 2012 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Auto Club Speedway.  She may also run some of the NMCA (National Muscle Car Association), and the NMRA (National Mustang Racers Association) drag racing events.

Dana’s Mustang is powered by a Modular Mustang Racing 5.4 liter, twin turbo V8.  The twin 80 millimeter turbos are producing 28 pounds of boost. The engine in the car at the time she and Don bought it was producing 2,000 horsepower.  The 2,400 horsepower is fed to the Strange rear spool through a Rossler 3 speed transmission.  Also strange about the rear end is its 2.91 gear ratio.  The rubber on Dana’s Mustang meets the track through a pair of 29.5 x 10.5 Mickey Thompson slicks.  Dana’s best quarter mile pass in the Mustang was at Fontana, California’s Auto Club Speedway where she ran a 7.85 at 180 miles per hour. Still tuning her latest engine, Dana may make it into the 200 MPH club before she’s done.

It hasn’t all been an easy road for Dana’s pursuit for her passion of drag racing.  While making a pass at Speedworld, her engine let go, oiling the track and her rear tires, sending her into the wall.  After repairing the Mustang and its engine, she had a similar incident during another pass.  With a little more skill and lady luck, she was able to keep it off the wall this time.

If you’d like to see Dana’s Twin Turbo beast in person, she’ll be making some quarter mile runs with Arizona’s Fastest Street Cars this weekend at Speedworld Dragstrip.

If you’re looking to get your corporate name out in the drag racing world, Dana has some space on her Mustang for you.

You’ve gotta scroll down and check this one out.  It’s a must see!

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Thanks for reading about Dana Cook and her Mustang GT.

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