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The Mesa Super Show was Hopping

Mesa, Arizona March 31, 2012 — Car clubs, lowriders and fans flocked to the Mesa Convention Center from across the Southwest for the Mesa Super Show, a lowrider show held in the East Valley on Saturday.

The grounds of the Mesa Convention Center were packed with finely painted, highly detailed cars and trucks competing for cash and prizes valued at $12,000.  Both the lot and lawns were lined with rows and rows of cars, some three deep, of lowrider cars and trucks.  We checked in at 9:30 AM Saturday morning and there were already over 400 cars checked in for the 3:00 PM show start.  There were still more waiting to get in and setup.

The car and truck hop drew hundreds of spectators the hop arena to watch competitors see who could bounce the front of the vehicle highest.  Some of these guys had no problem standing their cars and trucks on the rear bumpers.  The owner of the Impala pictured above was able to stand it almost straight up with about a 5 second pause before the front wheels started to come back down.  Good times.  Former Phoenix Sun Cedric Ceballos was  co-MC of the Hop.

Once inside the Convention Center, the highest quality of the show cars emerged. Every inch of these cars were impeccably polished and detailed.  With chrome suspensions, chrome calipers that have never had a brake pad put pressure on them, engraved bumpers and bezels, these cars were true works of art and craftsmanship.

Some of the other features of the show were “Gypse Rose,” the worlds most famous lowrider, the 2011 Lowrider Tour champions, and concerts by artists such as Shock G, Rocky Padilla Tribute to the Oldies, Frost, Mc Magic, DJ Kane and many more.

Arizona Auto Scene had a blast at this show.  The crowd was great, the cars and trucks were awesome, and the show was just plain impressive. Motorsport Showcase did a great job with this show.

Scroll down and check it out for yourself.

Click here to purchase photos from this event.

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Click here to purchase photos from this event.

Thanks for checking out Arizona Auto Scene’s coverage of the Mesa Super Show from the Mesa Convention Center.


  1. B. Gonzalez says:

    i read where you said brake calipers that never had a pad with pressure put on them. just to clarify, most if not every one of these indoor cars was driven into the convention center. alot of respect to these car builders for building operational works of art. I for one drove my car in and out of the show floor.

  2. Matthew D. Pimentel says:

    Looked like an amazing show, wish i would have been able to make it. Picture number 93 is of my club members pedal car. 🙂

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