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MuscleKingz Car Show - Concert

Streetside Classics

Mike’s Kryptonite? His 438 RWHP 2001 Dodge ACR Viper

Mike owns this beautiful 2001 Dodge ARC Viper.  It is 1 of only 17 2001’s manufactured in Sapphire Blue with Silver stripes.  This beauty has only 13,700 miles on it.  He purchased it after owning two different Corvettes, one shock and the a heavily modded version that has made ¼ mile passes at both Firebird and Speedworld.

The ARC edition rolls off of the assemble line with some bonuses over a stock Viper.  The suspension is adjustable and it has a 5 point race harness.  A K&N air filtering system feeds cool air into a smooth tube intake manifold.  ARC Vipers also roll off the assembly line with AC, stereo and fog light deletes.  Putting them back into the assembly is a $10,000 option Mike if fortunate enough to have. 

As if the ARC edition isn’t enough, Mike has made some modifications to the Viper.  Mike added an aluminum flywheel, swapped out the factory wheels for a set from Forgeline Motorsports, added rear diffuser blades for high speed  stability, added a short throw shifter and a MagnaFlow exhaust. 

Eddie Martin of Maeham Motorsports, and the Only Viper tech of Bill Luke Dodge installed the flywheel and has maintained the needed items for the Viper. The guys over at Loud Pedal Motorsports installed the exhaust and do all of Mike’s fluid changes for my regular maintenance.

Mike’s ARC Viper is making 438 RWHP and 507 lbs of torque.  That’s nothing to sneeze at considering the car rolled out of the Dodge factory ready for the track.

The Viper recently took first place in the 2000 and newer Modern Horsepower category at the Mopars Unlimited show.  The Viper is also used in Forgeline Motorsports ads for their wheels.

Mike is a 40 year old and a father of 2 girls. Aside from being an avid sports and car fan, he also enjoys hunting. 

Happy Father’s Day Mike! 

Thanks for submitting such and cool and unique ride.

Photos submitted by Mike.

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Streetside Classics

MuscleKingz Car Show - Concert

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