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Barrett-Jackson is Ready to Roll for its 2013 Scottsdale Collector Automobile Auction

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2013

Scottsdale, Arizona (January 13, 2013) — Resto Mods, Hot Rods, Classics, Vintage automobiles and more can all be seen rolling across the auction block this week at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction Westworld of Scottsdale.  The likes of Aubur, Bugatti, Cord, Darrin, Delahay, Mercedes, Pierce Arrow, Rolls Royce, Shelby and more will change hands by the weeks end.

20130113-IMG_1305Not wanting to try to take everything in in one day, a feat that is most likely impossible, we spent the afternoon walking the main tents and taking in the sights and sounds of the auction.  Soon to be sold cars were still rolling in to Westworld as of late Sunday afternoon.

Walking in to the main entrance, spectators are greeted to an enormous display by Ford Motor Company.  featuring new models and late model muscle, just some of the display features a Boss 302 on its side, enabling the underside of the relatively newly released track ready sports car to be easily viewed.  Another display has a Shelby GT500 on an angled rotisserie. GM and many others also have displays to be taken in as you make your way to the main auction tent.

Passing into the Salon, there were many simply amazing examples of European vintage automobiles, and oh yes, the original Batmobile.

Getting the car ready to be viewed by bidders, Phoenix's Bill Douglas puts the finishing touches on his freshly restored Shelby GT500.

Getting the car ready to be viewed by bidders, Phoenix’s Bill Douglas puts the finishing touches on his freshly restored Shelby GT500.

With the auction looming in just days from Sunday, owners offering their cars for auction readied them for sale.  Some set out signage, while others put theirs up on blocks while using mirrors to display the underside, some just had to park theirs and detail them for prospective bidders.

With the passing of Carroll Shelby in 2012 there appeared to be far more Shelby models for sale than in previous years.  Shelby GT350 and GT500’s seemed to be abundant in just the Salon tent alone.  We’ll see what the lower tents bring.

According to Barrett-Jackson’s online catalog, there are total of 59 classics and late model automobiles carrying the Shelby name that will run across the auction block throughout the week.

The auction is open for previewing the cars Monday.  The invite only Barrett-Jackson Opening Night Gala, kicking off the Scottsdale auction is Monday night.  The Gala will celebrate the life of Carroll Shelby.

The bidding begins Tuesday morning when the first of some 1,300 cars will begin to roll across the auction block.

Visit Barrett-Jackson’s website for more information on auction cars and times.

Check back with Arizona Auto Scene throughout the week.  Well be covering Barrett-Jackson and more.

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