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Giving the Jacket off His Back, George Barris Stole the Show at Barrett-Jackson’s 2013 Scottsdale Auction

Barrett-Jackson Brings Down the House during Saturday Night's Collector Automobile Auction

Scottsdale, Arizona (January 19, 2013) — Year after year the Barrett-Jackson Collector Automobile Auction raises it’s bar and drawn in several offerings that are truly rare and unique.  Their 2013 Scottsdale auction held this week at Westworld of Scottsdale was certainly no different.

A one of a kind Shelby Mustang prototype and a one of two 1947 Talbot-Logo T-26 Grand Sport might be rare and draw a crowd around them to check out their lines, but it was by far George Barris and his number 1 Batmobile that stole the show on Saturday night.

Barrett-Jackson Brings Down the House during Saturday Night's Collector Automobile AuctionPrior to the Batmobile being driven onto the block the crowds around the car were 10 – 15 people deep.  The only other auction car we saw with any kind of comparable crown was the 2014 C7 Stingray Corvette as it made its Arizona debut.

Making it way onto the auction block, the Batmobile’s entourage went with it.  Surrounded by fans, bidders could hardly see the car on the stage.

George Barris described building the one of a kind 1955 Lincoln Futura into the crime fighting Batmobile.  Knowing if had to live up to the POWs, WHAMs and BAMs used to illustrate the comic book, Barris equipped the car with the ability to lay down oil slicks and smoke screens, and shoot laser beams while Batman conversed on the Batphone.

The room was full of excitement as the bidding began on the Batmobile.  Going over one million dollars quickly, George Barris offered the Batmobile jacket off his back to the winning bidder, taking it off on the block and making it part of the auction.

After a heated round of bidding, the Botmobile hammered at $4.2 million, making its total sales price $4.62 million.  Phoenix’s Rick Champagne was the winning bidder.  Extremely excited to win the car he had come to the auction to buy, Champagne told SPEED TV that he was going to tear down a wall and park the Batmobile in his living room.

Barrett-Jackson Brings Down the House during Saturday Night's Collector Automobile AuctionAlthough the Batmobile may have stolen the show, it wasn’t the only auction vehicle worth of mentioning.  The experimental/prototype “Green Hornet” Shelby Mustang owned by Craig Jackson bid to just below 2 million, but failed to meet its reserve.

The 1947 Talbot-Logo T-26 Grand Sport hammered at $1.85 million, making its total sales price $2.03 million.

The 2014 Stingray Corvette, serial # 001 sold for an incredible $1.1 million.  Rick Hendrick, NASCAR team owner and Corvette collector was the lucky bidder.  He’ll get the first car to roll off the assembly line in the third quarter of 2013.

As of Friday, Barrett-Jackson’s sales were up 13% from 2012.  Their total sales at the close of Friday’s auction were $46.8 million.  These figures are sure to change dramatically as Saturday’s 5000 series offerings were some of the most rare and valuable to cross the block during auction week.

The below photos were submitted by Golden Automotive Photography.

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