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Whether It’s an Exotic or Late Model Muscle, Galpin Auto Sports Can Build the Car of Your Dreams

Barrett-Jackson Keeps 'em Rolling off the Block as the Bidding Moves to the Weekend

Scottsdale, Arizona (January 27, 2013) — Just a few hours across the Arizona border in Van Nuys, California sits the home of a renowned car builder and customizer who’s motto is “ANY MAKE, ANY MODEL, ANY BUDGET, WE DO IT!”  Its builders have been sought out by the likes of MTV’s Pimp My Ride and the company has established long-standing relationships with Carroll Shelby and Ford Motor Company.  The custom car builder and customizer is Galpin Auto Sports.

Founded in 1946 by Frank Galpin, Galpin Ford has built a recipe for success with its premier customer service.  Throughout the years they pioneered the lease vehicle concept, were involved in NASCAR and were one of the first Ford dealerships to sell Carroll Shelby’s AC Cobra and modified Shelby Mustangs.

Barrett-Jackson Keeps 'em Rolling off the Block as the Bidding Moves to the WeekendIn the 1960′, Galpin began getting in to customizing vehicles.  Primarily their start came by customizing the interiors of vans, but gained notoriety by being the first in the USA introduce the sunroof.  Soon after they moved on to customizing cars and 4×4 trucks.  They even mated a Pinto to an airplane, the one-off “Mizar.”  As the customizing progressed, Gucci Thunderbirds with matching purse, scarf and luggage could be purchased from Galpin.  Their modified cars and vans from the era were referred to a “Galpinized.”

Galpin continued to grow, Galpinizing cars and opening new dealerships throughout the years.  Today the family run business owns and operates Galpin Auto Sports and dealerships that sell vehicles manufactured by Ford, Lincoln, Aston Martin, Lotus, Jaguar, Volvo, Mazda, Subaru, Honda and Volkswagen.

In 1987, Beau Boeckmann started working at the family owned business.  He became Vice President of the company in 1998.  Today he oversees several facets of the operation, but most importantly is Galpinizing and vehicle customization.

In 2006, Beau was selected for MTV’s Pimp My Ride, a selection that began a partnership between MTV and Galpin Auto Sports.  Given Galpin’s long history in customizing cars, the union between MTV, Beau and Galpin Auto Sports was a natural fit.

Today, Galpin is a major powerhouse in both the automobile customization world, as well as with their multiple automobile dealerships.  Combined, they employ over 1,000 people.

Arizona Auto Scene had the opportunity to speak with Galpin Auto Sports General Manager Steve McCord at the 2013 Barrett-Jackson Collector Automobile Auction in Scottsdale.

With 9 highly customized vehicles on display, Galpin Auto Sports’ display had an enormous footprint just outside the main auction tent.  A wide a body Shelby Mustang and satin finished Aston Martin were just part of it examples of their work.

Steve tells us that Galpin Auto Sports was started in 2005 with the purpose of controlling their own vehicle customization and staying current with vehicle customization trends.

With the ability to do dealer work, a customer can go to Galpin and leave the dealership with a one-off customization they wont see elsewhere.

Steve says that Galpin has always been first to come with anything new.  When Carroll Shelby was looking for dealer help with building a competitive car to compete with the Corvette and other race cars of the day, not a lot of people were willing to jump on board with him.  Galpin’s owner saw that potential in Shelby’s creations and they were one of the first dealers to offer them for sale to the public.

65ShelbyGalpinA great story relating to Galpin’s history with Shelby is that of one 1965 Shelby GT-350 auctioned at Barrett-Jackson’s 2012 Scottsdale auction.

This all original 44k miles 1965 Shelby GT-350 sat hidden away in a garage for 40 years.  It was originally sold at Galpin Ford.  Although the essential systems were restored, Galpin left the interior and exterior of the car with its original patina.  Serious about preserving its past, Galpin paid $385,000.00 to bring the barn find Shelby home.  Today the Shelby sits on display in Galpin’s showroom next to a white and blue 66 Shelby.

Barrett-Jackson Keeps 'em Rolling off the Block as the Bidding Moves to the WeekendCurrently, Steve feels a recently restored 1966 Ford Bronco is one of their more successful creations.  The Bronco underwent a complete frame off, nut & bolt restoration.  The Bronco arrived at GAS as a bucket of bolts in several truck loads.  After a 3 month  restoration, it was debuted at their booth at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas.  The truck was an Edmunds top ten pick of the show.

Galpin Auto Sports creates cars that people thought couldn’t be done.

We asked Steve why Galpin chooses Barrett-Jackson over the other auctions in the Valley and here’s what he had to say.  Barrett-Jackson is the premier company to deal with.  They are extremely well organized and bring out a class of people that’s second to none.  The class of people that show up to Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale is top-notch.  Steve says Galpin Auto Sports and Barrett-Jackson are a good match.

If you want to learn more about Galpin Auto Sports or see more of their creations, click here.

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