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MuscleKingz Car Show - Concert

Streetside Classics

More than just a Car Show, the GoodGuys’ Shows are a Place for Friends & Family to Get Together


Scottsdale, ARIZ. (March 18, 2013) — Sure, the GoodGuys’ car shows are a great place to take in some of the finest classic cars and hot rods, but there’s more to it than getting together with a bunch of people with the same passion, it’s also about friends and family.

Gilbert’s Dirk Howard, his good friend Kyle Koerner, accompanied by Kyle’s, mother, father, brother, kids, his girlfriend and Dirk’s dog all made a family affair out of this year’s Spring Nationals at Westworld of Scottsdale.  Together, Dirk and his friends brought a total of five cars to the show.  Dirk brought his 73 Mustang convertible and Kyle and his family brought a 70 Mustang, 66 Fairlane, 74 Firebird, and a 62 station wagon.  They also brought an original Teardrop trailer for support and comfort.

Once on site, Dirk and his friends set up camp.  With the trailer, shade tents and a corral for the little ones to play, they took turns taking in the show and vendor exhibits.  Planning on making the day of the show, they brought plenty food and drinks with them.  They fired up the grill and cooked burgers, brats and hotdogs.

Dirk says “It ended up being a great day with family and friends and everyone enjoyed the day! I would definitely recommend a multi-generation family and friends to make a day of it. The only drawback it getting there early enough to find a large enough area to park all the cars and erect a campsite.”

Dirk is a true automobile enthusiast.  On many weekends he has his prized Pony car entered in more than one car show.

Thanks for sharing your experience and photos from the 2013 GoodGuys Spring Nationals!

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Streetside Classics

MuscleKingz Car Show - Concert

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