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Moonshine Car Care Products

With over 25 years of experience, DETAILS gets their shine on with locally distilled MoonShine


Phoenix, ARIZ. (July 21, 2014) – Back in January, Arizona Auto Scene was covering the RM auction at the Arizona Biltmore when we had the pleasure of meeting David Baird of MoonShine Car Care Products.  We ended up spending some time talking and learned that not only are MoonShine products formulated right here in Tucson, Arizona, but they are the only car care products used at RM auctions before the million plus dollar cars roll across the block at their auctions across the country.

As MoonShine’s products were being applied to rare and unique cars that would be auctioned off to new owners, David was on hand giving local automobile detailer Robert Knowles a hand making the 150 or so cars look their very best.  Robert owns DETAILS, a mobile detailing service specializing in detailing museum quality automobile and motorcycle collections.  His work product has earned DETAILS a contract with RM Auctions to be the only detailer polishing their millions of dollars worth of inventory while on display and before crossing the block at their classic automobile auctions.

After Arizona’s auction week was over, David was kind enough to send us some samples of MoonShine’s products, including their Car Shampoo, Contours Pre-Wax Cleanser, and Contours Carnauba Wax.  With these specially formulated products came some specific instructions on their application.

Details-CardWe wanted to see what sets MoonShine Car Care Products apart from the other mainstream products on the market so we contacted DETAILS and asked Robert if he would apply MoonShine products to our 2012 Subaru WRX.  Confident in the end results of MoonShine’s products, Robert quickly agreed to help us out.

Given we’re in our warm summer months, we reached out to Trent McGee of Phoenix based AIRAID, the performance intake and filter company to check on the availability of their R & D bay for use in the detailing project.  Trent checked the schedule and within no time at all was able to provide a date for us to use AIRAID’s climate controlled facility.  Thanks for your help Trent!

On Monday, we met with David and Robert at AIRAID to apply their products on our car.  Robert first began the process by using deionized water to wash the exterior of the WRX with MoonShine’s Car Shampoo.  The shampoo is designed with special polymers to remove what doesn’t belong.  David tells us it has a ton on lubricidity that removes dirt and grime from the surface of the car, putting it into the wash mitt. The formula essentially floats the dirt off of the finish of the car.  The cleaners in the shampoo are mild mannered and are designed to clean the finish of the paint thoroughly without damaging it.

Both David and Robert say that the use of household dish soaps are absolutely the worst thing you can use to wash your car with.  The soaps do not completely wash off and will stain the finish of your car.  Dish washing soaps are designed to remove fats and sugars, but definitely not designed to remove the dirt and grime your ride collects on the road.

Once washed and dried, we pulled the WRX into one of AIRAID’s R & D bays for the remainder of the process.  Robert began with MoonShine’s Contours Pre-Wax Cleanser.  MoonShine’s foam applicator for the Cleanser was designed with a density that works best with its formula to effortlessly remove old waxes and polishes applied prior to your making the switch to MoonShine.

DETAILS' Robert Knowles shown left.  MoonShine's David Baird shown right.

DETAILS’ Robert Knowles shown left. MoonShine’s David Baird shown right.

Once the exterior of the WRX had been cleansed, David and Robert began applying the Contours Carnauba Wax.  Specially formulated with pure carnauba wax and thinners, the wax is easily applied and removed from the surface of the car, leaving a beautiful shine to the finish.  Another feature of the wax is that it is designed to reduce static, therefore less dust will adhere to it after its application.  As Robert demonstrated to us, water literally rolls off the paints surface after the wax has been applied.  Robert poured some water onto a waxed portion of the hood and nearly 100 percent of the water immediately rolled off.  When poured on a non waxed area, the water pooled and stayed right where it was poured.

Though DETAILS and Robert Knowles may have over 25 years of experience detailing fine automobiles, we all took part in the application of MoonShine’s products to the exterior of the WRX.  The products not only apply effortlessly, they are removed just as easily, leaving the vehicle with a beautiful shine.

Arizona Auto Scene video recorded the entire process.  Scroll down to check it out.  We were thoroughly impressed as there was an obvious difference in the car’s finish at the end of the application process of the MoonShine products.  We were also pretty impressed by the short period of time the entire application process took.

MoonShine products aren’t rebranded products sold under a different trade name.  They are specially formulated products the company has developed.  They have a full line of car care products for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  Check out their website at to see them all.

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Moonshine Car Care Products

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