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With More Drifters! More Drag Racers! More Spectators! Go Fast Entertainment does it Again!

September's Go Fast Drift N Drags Pull in the Cars and the Crowds

Chandler, ARIZ. (September 21, 2014) – Running its second to last Drift & Drag event of the 2014 season, Go Fast Entertainment pulled in the racers for Saturday night’s event at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. Teaming with Bruce McConnell and the Arizona Race Company to run their End of Summer 1/8th Mile Challenge during the Drift & Drag couldn’t have made for a better match.

Early in the evening the spectators began finding their spot to take in the action. Some choosing to sit on the top of the grand stands for a view of both the drag strip and the drift circuit, while committed drifter fans chose the fence line along the upper pits.

September's Go Fast Drift N Drags Pull in the Cars and the CrowdsKicking off shortly after 6 PM, drifters made their way onto the circuit to see just how far they could let it all hand out. It wasn’t long before some of these talented drivers were drifting two and three wide through the course, putting on an amazing show for the crowd. Those participating in most or all of Go Fast Entertainment’s drifting events will be judged throughout the season and a winner will be chosen after the running of their Drift & Drag on November event.  After competing in an Electronics and Non-Electronics bracket race gambler, drag racers will gather points during each event.  The racers gathering the most amount of points in their respective classes will become the champions.

Earlier, we mentioned Arizona Race Company’s End of Summer 1/8th Mile Challenge running with the Drift & Drags Saturday Night.  Arizona Race Company and Bruce McConnell did an excellent job filling a void that has been gone from the Valley’s drag racing scene for some time now.  Small tire, 1/8 th mile, heads up racing.  Not that the Arizona 8.5 Outlaws haven’t done a good job slowly building their series, but with a Renegade class that brings in some big horsepower Pro Charged, turbo and nitrous cars trying took make the most of 2,000 plus horsepower in the 1/8th mile as their top class, their racing program made for some nail biting, adrenaline packed heads up racing.  One driver, Armen Maghdessian came in from Westminster, California to compete with our local drag racers in his ’57 Chevy.

September's Go Fast Drift N Drags Pull in the Cars and the CrowdsAlong with the Renegade class, the End of Summer 1/8th  Mile Challenge also had an Outlaw 8.5 class and another class for race cars/drivers competing on a 7.50 Index.  Don’t be fooled by some of these cars running on 8.5 drag radials.  By the looks of it, some of these cars could have easily been competing in the Renegade class.  The Wallace Motorsports Capri, piloted by Travis Wallace was putting down numbers that could have been real competition for some of the Renegade racers.  Some of the problems that came about for some of the 7.5 Index racers was slowing their cars down enough so they would run less than 7.5 in the eighth.

All in all, the racers, whether they be drag racers or drifters put on an excellent show for the fans on hand.

After running a couple of test passes, End of Summer 1/8th Mile Challenge Racers began their elimination rounds.  After running through the ladder, Renegade drivers Armen Maghdessian and his ’57 Chevrolet 150 would face Surprise’s David Singletary and his ’69 Camaro.  Both cars running nitrous, Singletary goot off the line first with a .026 light against Maghdessian’s .066.  Singletary would take the win with a blistering 5.127 at 152.23 mph.  Maghdessian would have trouble getting down the track, running a 10.118 at 43.98 mph.

September's Go Fast Drift N Drags Pull in the Cars and the CrowdsOutlaw 8.5 would see Travis Wallace taking an easy victory as his opponent would break in the semi finals.  Not being one to take the win by just breaking the beams, Travis ran a 5.714 at 122.07 mph on his final pass for the night.

In the 7.50 Index class, it would be a Glendale .v Glendale race as Neva Wray and her ’55 Nash Rambler wagon and Justin Robbins in the Wallace Motorsports ’78 Ford Fairmont rolled into the staging lanes for the final round of eliminations.  Robbins got off the line first with a .060 reaction time against Neva’s .284 light.  Robbins ran a 7.663 at 79.21 mph.  Neva ran a 7.433 at 90.24 mph, but would break out trying to reel Justin in, giving Justin the win.

The final round of Go Fast Entertainment’s Non-Electronics bracket race would pair Tempe’s Mike Gonnell and his Yenko Nova against Mesa’s Lindsey Sundstrom and her 2010 Chevy Cobalt.  Mike went red by -.012 giving Lindsey an easy victory.  He ran a 10.828 at 122.22 mph.  Lindsey ran a 17.441 at 78.76 mph.  Lindsey was Saturday night’s #1 qualifier.

September's Go Fast Drift N Drags Pull in the Cars and the CrowdsIn Go Fast Entertainment’s Electronics class, Peoria’s Kelly Harper and his ’69 Camaro would face Gilbert’s Tanner Sundstrom in his ’04 Chevrolet 4×4.  Harper got off the line with an .020 light, going on to run a 9.406 at 142.22 mph for the win.  Tanner went red by -.023, running a 17.610 at 70.21 mph.  Tanner was Saturday night’s #1 qualifier.

Tanner Sundstrom and Mike Gonnell tied in points in Go Fast Entertainment’s Non-Electronics class and will share the championship.  Bret Hewson is the points leader in the Electronics class, besting Tanner Sundstrom by just one point for the championship.

Congratulations to the first ever Champions in the Go Fast Entertainment bracket racing series, as well as to the first ever winners of the End of Summer 1/8th Mile Challenge!

Thanks to Jessica Cherry in Race Control for timing results from Saturday night.

Go Fast Entertainment’s next Drift & Drag is scheduled for Saturday, November 8th.

Scroll down to check out some of the action from both the Drifting and Drag Racing from Saturday night.  Check back later too.  We’ll be adding some video too.

Click here to purchase high-resolution prints and digital downloads from Saturday’s Go Fast Drift & Drags.

Click here to purchase high-resolution prints and digital downloads from Saturday’s Go Fast Drift & Drags.

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