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Let’s Help Jesus Make-A-Wish Come True; Restoring a 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe

The 2015 Arizona Concours d'Elegance from the Arizona Biltmore

On January 10, 2013 my son Jesus was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  As a result he required immediate intense chemotherapy and hospitalization.  By the 3rd month of treatment, Jesus told me he wanted to quit the treatments due to how sick it made him, and the severe reactions he was having.  Hearing him say this really broke my spirit.  So, he and I had a heart to heart talk.  I asked him what it would take to never hear him say that he wanted to quit?  Instead of waiting for him to answer me, I offered him a deal.  I told him that if he never said he wanted to quit his treatment, I would give him my 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe.  I made him promise me to not quit, and I promised he and I would restore the car and it would be his.  He agreed to the deal and commenced treatment for the entire year of 2013.

On December 12, 2013 he was deemed to be in remission and he began to ask about his car.  He had also been contacted by Make-A-Wish and asked to decide if he could have any wish what would it be?  He told them he wanted his car restored.  Make-A-Wish agreed to restore the car, but it would only do so if the car was mechanically sound.  So, I began to look for a hotrod shop that could or would be willing to help me with the project.  Jesus had no idea what I was about to do, and I told him the car would be put on hold.  I told him I was going to pawn the car and borrow money against it so I could pay some of his medical bills.  I also told him in order to store it in a pawn shop I would have to strip the car, and remove the engine so it wouldn’t become a hazard by leaking oil.  He actually believed me and said he understood and would wait to work on it.

Jesus, his dad Frank, and pose in front of the 41 Chevy with What's My Car Worth's Keith Martin

Jesus, his dad Frank, and pose in front of the 41 Chevy with What’s My Car Worth’s Keith Martin at the Arizona Concours

I looked around the valley for a shop to undertake the project.  I contacted 8 different shops.  4 shops said don’t waste your time and money.  2 shops said they would take on the project but I needed to put down a very large deposit to start the project.  1 shop owner told me that I didn’t have enough money to undertake such a project since their work was high end and too expensive for me?   The final shop; N2Hotrods owned and operated by Marty and Susan Schreiber, was recommended to me by a friend.  I spoke to them told them about my situation, what the other shops had told me and that Make-A-Wish would help out with the build.  Without any hesitation,  Marty and Susan said how soon can we start the build?

Within one month after meeting with Marty and Susan, my oldest and youngest son along with 2 friends, we stripped and prepped the car to send it off to Marty.  From February 2014 to present, Jesus believed his car was in a pawn shop, little did he know it was actually being restored.  Fast forward to today, the car is now at the last stage of completion.  Thanks to N2HotRods, Make-A-Wish and all the staff from the Arizona Concours D’Elegance, Jesus’ wish will be fulfilled.  Today, he was shown his car as a work in progress project and hopefully by March 2015, he will be receiving his completed/restored car.

If you would like to assist Jesus with his Make-A-Wish, please contact Arizona Auto Scene and we will put you in touch with his father Frank.

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