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Streetside Classics

Torque down those bolts! Fill those fire bottles! Hold on tight! You’re in the GilZone! with Gil Rebilas

20150129-Mark Sievers Fire Bridge 24

Hi!  I’m Gil Rebilas!  There’s a lot of racers who know me and the reputation that I’ve been dealt with!  A good friend and racer,

Dave Pascucci used to do my car repairs and I would trade him his working on my car for pictures!  He was mainly interested in pictures of his own car but was intrigued by my work that appeared in

National Dragster and several of the other Drag Racing Rags.

I spent most of my time at the NHRA Events up about 1,000 feet past the finish line!  I was mainly up there because of all of the photographers on the starting line were getting the same pictures.  Everybody’s images looked the same!  All of my pictures displayed beautiful parachutes behind the cars as they slowed down after their pass down the Quarter Mile!  If you stay there long enough, eventually these nitro motors displayed some pretty intense colors as they came straight at me on fire!  Some photographers didn’t want to portray this part of Drag Racing!  Not Me!  I buried my finger on the motordrive and took pictures as if I was shooting a machine gun!  After a while, Dave Pascucci labeled me as the GilZone!

So, here are some of my images that made me famous!  I was getting my images published Worldwide!  So, the next time you cross the finish line, you’re entering The GilZone! with Gil Rebilas.

Word and photos by Gil Rebilas.

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Streetside Classics

Moonshine Car Care Products

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