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What’s Cackling? Old School Fuel Cars by Gil Rebilas


What’s Cackling is a series of videos that will take you back in time when some of the most famous Drag Racers ruled the Drag Strip. Some of the original owners/drivers tell how they searched for their old cars and how they found and restored their find to the shape they were in back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Some even found their way back to race down the Quarter Mile.  Interviews with Mike Kuhl, Carl Olson, T.V. Tommy Ivo, James Warren, Mousie Marcellus, (The Winged Express) and many more!  Search for – What’s Cackling on!

What’s Cackling Volume 1 Trailer

What’s Cackling Volume 2 Trailer

What’s Cackling Volume 3 Trailer

The three part series What’s Cackling? by Gil Rebilas can be purchased be searching for it on Ebay.

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  1. JIM says:

    Loved the OLD videos and cars…. Nice job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only computers can’t let us SMELL all that NITRO


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