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Team Summit Wild Horse Pass, Arizona Super Street and the NHRA Jr. Championship Series 1 and 2 Run the Strip at Wild Horse Pass

Wild Horse Pass Team Summit Finally Races in 2015

Chandler, ARIZ. (February 15, 2015) – After getting rained out in January, drag racers from both Team Summit Wild Horse Pass and Arizona Super Street couldn’t have had better weather for this weekend’s races.  Along with the door cars and dragsters running with the teams, approximately 100 of drag racing’s youth from the Division took part in the NHRA Jr. Double Header Divisional.  These future champions of drag racing competed in separate races on Saturday and Sunday.

Wild Horse Pass Team Summit Finally Races in 2015
In between the rounds of team racing there were some great cars out testing and tuning.  The Ruckman Racing Top Alcohol Funny Car was making test passes on the track, as well as a couple of Pro Mods and Top Sportsman cars.

Arizona Super Street Race Results

Glendale’s Brian Griffey and Tucson’s Nick Johnoff raced their way into the finals.  After running a 10.902 at 126.36 mph in his 1970 Dodge Charger, Brian would be Saturday’s Arizona Super Street Champion.  Nick Johnoff and his ’73 Camaro would runner up with a 10.929 at 127.28 mph.

Team Summit Wild Horse Pass Race Results

Glendale’s Brandon Gant and his ’74 Dodge Dart met with Gilbert’s Bill Cline and his ’64  Chevrolet Malibu for the final round of eliminations in the Sportsman class.  Cline ran a 13.449 at 91.16 mph for the win.  Gant would runner up with a 13.740 at 95.73 mph.

Surprize’s Tony Marconi and his 1976 Arrow ran a 9.443 at 139.98 mph for the Pro win.  Prescott’s Tim Hinton and his ’66 Chevy II went red by -.024 at the tree, giving Marconi an easy win.

Super Pro
Super Pro would see a pair of Yancer dragsters in the finals.  Chandler’s Mike Proctor and his ’03 Yancer ran a 8.924 at 162.80 mph for the Super Pro win.  Cottonwood’s Mark LaLonde, the defending Champion, was the runner up in his ’99 Yancer.  LaLonde broke out, running a 8.252 at 160.29 mph on a 8.26 dial/

ET Motorcycle
Recently back on the track riding a bike requiring a license, El Mirage’s Jeff Herrington faced off against Glendale’s Tyler Anderson in the final round of eliminations in ET Motorcycle.  Anderson ran his ’04 Hayabusa to a 9.833 at 130.17 mph for the win.  Herrington, riding a ’73 Kawasaki was the runner up.  Herrington ran a 9.579 at 135.46 mph on a 9.36 dial.

NHRA Jr. Championship Series 1

Sunday’s Race Results

Jr. 6 – 9 Year-Old
Paso Robles, CA’s Macie Gordon and Golden Valley, AZ’s Doniphan Schmidt rolled into the beams for the final elimination round in Jr. 6 – 9 year-old.  Macie would take the win and Doniphan would runner up.

Jr. 10 – 12 Year-Old
Cypress, CA’s Nolan Olivera and Waddell, AZ’s Hunter Eberwein made it into the finals in the Jr. 10 – 12 year-old class.  Hunter Eberwein would cut a better light and run a better number for the win.

13 – 14 Year-Old
North Las Vegas NV’s Keoki Desa and Flagstaff’s Elizabeth Strones worked their way into the Jr. 13 – 14 year old finals.  Though she was just a little slower off the tree, Elizabeth would run just fast enough to take the win.

15 – 17 Year-Old
In a hole shot win, Chowchilla, CA’a AJ Thomas would take the win from Mesa, AZ’s Brandon Marcheski.  Thomas’ .071 light mad all the difference against Marcheski’s .107 light.  Thomas ran a 8.167 at 80.51 mph on a 8.14 dial against Marcheski’s 7.940 on a 7.93 dial.

Junior Comp
It was an all 2007 McPhantom final in Junior Comp as Grand Junction, CO’s Charlie Ruckman met Mesa Arizona’s Brandon Marcheski at the tree.  Both running a 6.90 class, Marcheski ran a 6.904 at 99.22 mph for the win.  Ruckman wasn’t far behind with his 6.919 at 97.84 mph.

NHRA Jr. Championship Series 2

6 – 9 Year-Old
By cutting a .064 light against a .120 light, Las Vegas, NV’s Jessica Boardman was able to take the win from Paso Robles, CA’s Macie Gordon.  Boardman ran a 12.641 at 50.95 mph on a 12.63 dial against Gordon’s 12.012 at 54.16 mph on a 11.99 dial.

10 – 12 Year-Old
It would again be Cypress, CA’s Nolan Olivera taking the win in Series 2.  Olivera ran a 9.001 at 71.71 mph on an 8.99 dial against Paso Robles, CA’s Madison Gordon.  Gordon ran a 9.049 at 70.71 mph on a 9.01 dial.

13 – 14 Year-Old
In another hole show win, Marana, AZ’s Samantha Kidd would cut a .089 light against Las Vegas, NV’s Hannah Ellison’s .135 light.  Kidd went on to run a 7.966 at 78.99 mph on a 7.90 dial against Ellison’s 7.967 at 82.46 mph on a 7.93 mph.

15 – 17 Year-Old
Chowchilla, CA’a AJ Thomas would make it into the finals one more time, facing off against Diamond Bar, CA’s Brandon Savolt.  Savolt cut a .021 light and went on to run a 8.066 at 79.42 mph on a 8.05 dial.  Thomas cut an impressive .027 light and went on to run a 8.188 at 80.12 mph on an 8.16 dial.

Junior Comp
For the second day in a row it would be ’07 McPhantom Jr. Comp Dragsters meeting at the tree in the final round of eliminations.  Returning from Saturday’s finals, Mesa Arizona’s Brandon Marcheski would race Grand Junction, CO’s Charlie Ruckman in the finals.  Both cars running on a 6.90 index, it would be the driver’s reaction time that would once again with the race.  Ruckman cut a .049 light against Marcheski’s .068 light.  Ruckman went on to run a 6.913 at 94.04 mph on against Marcheski’s faster, but losing 6.906 at 100.86 mph.

Congratulations to all of this weekend’s winners at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park.

Thanks to all of the hard work of Jessica Cherry in Timing & Scoring for getting us this weekend’s race results!

Click here to purchase high-resolution prints and digital downloads from this event.

Click here to purchase high-resolution prints and digital downloads from this event.

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