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GoFast Entertainment Introduces the “GoFast Top 10 List” to bring out the Heavy Hitters


Chandler, ARIZ. (May 11, 2015) – We have all watched it on Street Outlaws…..We have all seen the hype on the internet…..Everyone wants to be able to claim the title of the fastest “street” car….well now is your chance!!!!

GoFast Entertainment is excited to announce the “GoFast Top 10 List” at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ.

With over $3000 in cash up for grabs and the rights to say you are, “Arizona’s fastest Street Car”, it’s time to put up or shut up!!!!

Starting at our May 16th Drift N Drag event, Go Fast Entertainment will be looking for the fastest street cars in AZ to come out and show us who’s who in the drag racing world.

Each participant will get 3 runs to show everyone what they got! At the end of the event we will produce “The List”, with the 10 quickest cars of the night.

Each racer on the list will then have to defend his/her spot at the upcoming events in June, July, August, and September.

Starting with the June event, the list will be controlled as follows;

1. If you are not on the list and think you have what it takes to be on it, you may challenge the bottom two racers that are currently on the list. You will then have 1 chance to race that person side by side to try and knock him/her off the list and take their spot.

2. If you would like to move up the list. You may challenge any racer that is above you. You will then have 1 chance to race them side by side to try and move up. If you are being challenged by someone below you, AND you would like to challenge someone above you, you are welcome to do that, the lower challenge will run first, with the winner of that run then running the higher challenge.

3. All challenges are to be done through our Facebook page. Either post it directly to our page, or email it to us and we will post it. Challenges are also allowed at the event during the second and third session for all people that are onsite.
Rules are as follows;

1. All runs will be 1/8th mile heads up, instant green (no ambers), no deep staging allowed.

2. Track will be cleaned and sprayed at the beginning of the night, it will be dragged prior to each session, it will NOT be sprayed for each session….(This is a street car race, not a Pro Mod show)…..

3. All cars must be street legal, this means they must run on a d.o.t. tire, have mufflers, headlights, taillights, and brake lights, and current license and registration.

At the September event we will crown the Quickest Street Cars in AZ. The September final event will only be open to the current people on the list, (no outside challenges) We will have 4 sessions during that event to give everyone a better opportunity to move up the list…..After 4 sessions the number 1 on the list will receive a check for $1000.00, along with a jacket proclaiming them as the quickest street car in AZ! Number 2 will receive $750.00, and number 3 will receive $500.00. As an added bonus to that event, after the 4th session is finished and all the places have been set, we will have a “shootout” open to all 10 racers from the list The quickest car of the session will receive a bonus check for 1000.00 !!

For more information please contact;


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Streetside Classics

MuscleKingz Car Show - Concert

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