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Valley Drag Racers Prove Hot Rod Drag Weekend is no Drag

Hot Rod Magazine's 2015 Drag Weekend Kicks off at Tucson Dragway

Phoenix, ARIZ. (November 2, 2015) – Last week, drag racers from across the country made their way to Tucson Dragway to compete in the inaugural Hot Rod Drag Weekend.  Following in the format of Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, participants must driver their race car to the track for the competition, compete, and then drive the car to the other participating tracks.

Four of our local drag racers from the Valley of the Sun took the opportunity to compete in what could have been a once in a lifetime event.  Jeff Bomyea entered his 1968 Camaro SS Big Block Power Adder, Troy Clark in his 1930 Model A Ford in Hot Rod, Rob Parsons entered his 1993 Ford F-150 Lightning in Modified Small Block Power Adder,  Brandon Gant entered his 1973 Dodge Dart in Street machine Eliminator and Kevin Studaker entered his LS powered Chevrolet Concours station wagon in SS Small Block NA.  Everything needed for the three days of competition had to be either in the race car or in a trailer towed behind the car.

Arriving at Tucson Dragway on Thursday for a test and tune session, competitors were given the opportunity to test their car against the track that hadn’t been run in a while as Jim Hughes transforms the dragstrip Southwest International Raceway into Tucson Dragway.

Beginning early Friday morning it was time for the competition to begin.  Participants had to make at least one pass down the dragstrip for a time that would later be become added win with their passes from all three tracks.  If they didn’t run the number they were looking for, they had until noon to do so.  After that, it was time to pack up and head out on Hot Rod Magazine’s chosen route as they made their way to Phoenix for Friday’s competition.

Rolling out of Tucson, Parsons would have a best ET of 9.056 at 149.00 mph under his belt.  Bomyea would head out with an ET of 7.820 at 180.04 mph.  Clark would run a attention grabbing 8.719 at 158.24 mph.  Gant headed out with a 11.705 at 111.89 mph.  Kevin Studaker 10.757 at 129.83 mph.

The crew at Tucson Dragway did an outstanding job of prepping the track.  Heavy hitter Jeff Lutz, running in the Unlimited class in his 1969 Pro Mod Camaro came out strong, running a 6.209 at 243.77 mph.

Drivers headed out of Tucson, hitting several check points in the city before making their way through Oro Valley and then up 79 towards Florence, driving through several storm cells throughout the day.  The route would then take them towards Coolidge before arriving in Chandler for Friday’s competition.

We caught up with Troy Clark and his crew member, Shawn Whitson in Florence.  Having no wipers on the car, Troy took the opportunity of having missed a turn to put more wax on his windshield.  Having lost a camshaft when he attempted Drag Week earlier in the year, Troy was happy with his numbers and even happier to be a park of Hot Rod Drag Weekend.  Troy said it would probably be one of those moments that would be looked back on later in life saying, I did that.

After putting up the numbers in Phoenix on Friday, it was time to head off to Fontana for the final day of competition at Auto Club Dragway.  That’s where out Valley drag racers cleaned up with each of them winning their class.  Rob Parsons ran a personal best in the Lightning on Saturday with a 8.57 at 156.79 mph.  He averaged 8.87 at 153 mph during the three days of racing.

With over 1,000 miles round trip, these guys and their crews did an excellent job!

Our friends at Hot Rod Magazine tell us they may be back at soon at Spring.  We’ll keep you informed.

Congratulations to all of our Arizona winners of the 2015 Hot Rod Drag Weekend!

Jeff Bomyea – SS Big Block Power Adder

Hot Rod Magazine's 2015 Drag Weekend Kicks off at Tucson Dragway

Troy Clark – Hot Rod, Fastest Ford and 3rd Overall

Hot Rod Magazine's 2015 Drag Weekend Kicks off at Tucson Dragway

Rob Parsons – Modified Small Block Power Adder & Quickest without a Trailer

Hot Rod Magazine's 2015 Drag Weekend Kicks off at Tucson Dragway

Brandon Gant – Street machine Eliminator

Hot Rod Magazine's 2015 Drag Weekend Kicks off at Tucson Dragway

Kevin Studaker – SS Small Block – NA

Hot Rod Magazine's 2015 Drag Weekend Kicks off at Tucson Dragway

Barry Berger – Qualifien No. 1 in Street Machine Eliminator and took a plaque for Quickest 6 Cylinder in his 2012 Nissan GTR

Hot Rod Magazine's 2015 Drag Weekend Kicks off at Tucson Dragway
Barry’s quickest Pass at Tucson Dragway was 10.973 at 133.24 mph.

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