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MacCachren & McMillin take the Top Spot in Trophy Truck at the 48th Bud Light Baja 1000 presented by SCORE: by Frank Robinson

MacCachren & McMillin take the Top Spot in Trophy Truck at the 48th Bud Light Baja 1000 presented by SCORE

Ensenada, MEX. (November 23, 2015) – The 48th Bud Light Baja 1000 presented by SCORE International is the final of the 5 race series. Since Roger Norman and his staff have been putting on the event interest in the sport is making a big resurgence. This is the third year under his direction. The race course is approximately 821 miles starting and finishing this year in Ensenada, covering the west side of northern Baja California down and over to the East side and looping back up along the Gulf of California back to the start/finish.

There was a total of 239 teams who started in all the classes with 124 finishing (51.88%). It proved to be quite a test of skill and endurance for all the drivers and crew. Using the latest GPS technology, the racers are monitored and must go through virtual checkpoints keeping the competition fair and easily monitored by the race officials.


Pro Cars and Trucks

  1. 11 Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Andy McMillin, San Diego, Ford F-150, 15:58:33 (51.41 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  2. 5 Carlos Lopez, Tecate, Mexico/Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va./Juan C. Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Chevy Rally Truck, 16:14:55 (50..55 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  3. 17 Eduardo Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico/Josh Daniel, Canyon Country, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 16:17:03 (50.44 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  4. 91 Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif., Ford F-150, 16:46:58 (48.94 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  5. 19 Tim Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Boulevard, Calif., Ford F-150, 17:01:12 (48.26 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  6. 21 Gus Vildosola Jr/Gus Vildosola, Mexicali, Mexico, Ford Raptor, 17:07:45 (47.95 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  7. 1 Steven Eugenio, Vista, Calif./Armin Schwarz, Austria (Germany), Chevy C1500, 17:50:10 (46.05 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck))
  8. 23 Dan McMillin, La Mesa, Calif./Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif., Ford F-150, 18:05:16 (45.41 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck
  9. 9 Mark Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore./Gary Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Ford F-150, 18:14:22 (45.03 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  10. 16 Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Pat Dean, Las Vegas/Cody Stuart, Capistrano Beach, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 18;23:00 (44.68 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  11. 871 Larry Connor, Miamisburg, Ohio/Jason Ruane, England/Neal Mason, Temecula, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 18:33:24 (44.26 mph) (Trophy Truck Spec)
  12. 50 Zak Langley, Santa Monica, Calif./Rick D. Johnson, Barstow, Calif./Adam Householder, Ford F-150 18:37:01 (44.12 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  13. 189 Jon Walker, Tamuning, Guam/Corey Keyser, Colorado Springs, Colo., Kreger-Chevy (18:49:23) (43.64 mph) (Class 1)
  14. 168 Shelby Reid, Apple Valley, Calif./Darren Ebberts, Corona, Calif./Dale Ebberts, Wilton, Calif., Custom-Chevy, 18:58:25 (43.29 mph) (Class 1)
  15. 75 Mike Cook, Orem, Utah, Chevy Silverado, 19:09:17 (42.88 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  16. 45 Gary Magness/Devin Housh, Desert Hot Springs, Calif., Ford F-150, 19:20:20 (42.47 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  17. 153 Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Brad Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Kyle Quinn, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 19:24:26 (42.32 mph) (Class 1)
  18. 70 Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas/Jesse Jones, Phoenix, Ford F-150, 20:29:00 (40.10 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
  19. 1636 Aaron Ampudia/Alan Ampudia, Ensenada, Mexico, Alumi Craft, 20:40:40 (39.72 mph) (CLASS 1/2-1600)
  20. 4405 Shannon Campbell, Gilbert, Ariz./Wayland Campbell, Gilbert, Ariz., Custom-Chevy, 20:41:26 (39.70 mph) (Class 4400)

Pro Motorcycles

  1. 5x Colton Udall, Yucca Valley, Calif./Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif./Justin Jones, Murrieta, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 16:29:08 (49.82 mph) (Open MC)
  2. 1x Ricky Brabec, Hesperia, Calif./Max Eddy Jr, Barstow, Calif./Justin Morgan, El Cajon, Calif./Dave Pearson, Panaca, Nev., Kawasaki KX450F, 16:54:28 (48.58 mph) (Open MC)
  3. 45x Francisco Arredondo, Guatemala/Ryan Penhall, Corona, Calif./Shane Esposito, Menifee, Calif./Roberto Villalobos, Tijuana, Mexico, Honda CRF450X, 17:08:18 (47.93 mph) (Open MC)
  4. 3x Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif./Ray Dal Soglio, Scottsdale, Ariz./Brian Adams/Daymon Stokie, Australia, Honda CRF450X, 18:34:49 (44.21 mph) (Open MC)
  5. 21 Dustin McCarthy, El Cajon, Calif./Gavin McCarthy/Lance Lewis, Honda CRF450X, 19:53:47 (41.28 mph) (Open MC)

Pro Quads

  1. 1a Javier Robles Jr, Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico/Josh Row, El Cajon, Calif./Felipe Velez, San Felipe, Mexico/Jorie Williams, Longview, Wash., Honda TRX450R, 19:02:03 (43.15 mph) (Pro Quads)
  2. 7a Franciso Vera, Ensenada, Mexico/Adolfo Arellano/Travis Dillon, Honda TRX450R, 21:52:47 (37.54 mph) (Pro Quads)

All photos courtesy of Arizona Auto Scene photojournalist Frank Robinson.

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