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Moonshine Car Care Products

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Crystal Clear Reflections of Your Car’s Paint with MoonShine

Crystal Clear Reflections of your cars paint work does not have to be as painful as we all remember. You just have to make some adjustments in the product and technique you have most likely been doing for years.

Today there are products available that truly perform with such ease, making the process an activity you look forward to and enjoy. In addition, our products easily provide superior results compared to other products you pull off the shelf. Many of my customers tell me that detailing their car has become a day of relaxing therapy.

First let me state that in my opinion, a good quality Carnauba Wax used as your finish wax, will provide you with the very “Best Look”. Carnauba Wax provides the hardest finish, warmest deep glow, and produces an awesome clear, crisp reflection. However, Carnaubas short coming is longevity. Under moderate conditions Carnauba Wax will provide the user with 2 to 3 months of protection from the elements under normal driving use. With an exception to that statement, if full exposure to the sun is 100 degree temperatures. In which case, is reduced to three or four weeks. Synthetic Sealants on the other hand, will typically last for 6 months or more, even in high temperatures. Although, the down side generally speaking, a sealant will never produce the look of a Quality Carnauba Wax. It still has the appearance of being synthetic. More gloss than beauty.

However, some of my customers do like to apply a Sealant over the top of the Carnauba Wax to extend its life. But even then, the sealant does take away some of the beauty qualities that the Carnauba Wax delivers. If you want the very best look from your paint work, use a High-Quality Carnauba Wax that does not contain cleaners or synthetic polymers.

High-Quality Carnauba Wax is not a magic cure all potion. It will make your paint look very good and protect it as well. Applied to flawless paint it will surly provide you with a real show stopper finish. Remember surface preparation is the key to being the best!

For the purposes of this article we will discuss normal maintenance. Assuming that the vehicle owner has recently performed some paint correction with polish, or at the very least, clayed the entire exterior. This includes the glass, chrome and all stainless.

  1. For the best results, the following procedures should be performed in the shade on cool paint.
  2. Thoroughly wash the entire exterior using a quality car shampoo. If you have the philosophy of “No Water Shall Touch my Car” then at the very least give the vehicle a good wipe down with a Waterless Car Wash. Make sure to use several deep nap microfibers, that you change out once dirty.
  3. Utilizing a very high-quality Paint Cleaner and a high-density foam applicator, apply the chemical to the pad. Work the pad and cleaner in a back and forth motion with the length of the vehicle (never in circles) using moderate pressure. Work in area no larger than about two square feet, before moving to the next area. Remember, this process is to deep clean the paint. Work the product to remove deep seated grime. NOTE: the image with the white foam applicator, how the grime turned the pad brownish. The grime acuminated was from just one side of the hood, from what was perceived as a clean car. With MoonShine Pre-Wax Cleaner, you can facilitate this procedure by hand, or if you prefer with an orbital buffer. Using a medium density foam pad on a speed of 4.5 to 5. Complete this process on the entire vehicle. Before to including the glass, plastics and metal. Removing the cleaner as you go with a high-quality microfiber. MoonShine Pre-Wax Cleaner will not produce white powder, nor will it stain most plastics and rubber. In addition, it is also a gloss enhancer and a foundation for MoonShine Carnauba Wax.

Upon completing this step; use a clean microfiber and methodically buff the entire vehicle making sure you did not leave any product stuck on the paint. Taking the time to do this step properly is important. Please keep in mind, the best performing Carnauba Waxes will not have any cleaners in them.

  1. Now for the really fun stuff. Apply one or more thin coats of MoonShine Carnauba Wax in back and forth motions (never in circles) along the length of the vehicle. Cover all paint, chrome, stainless and even the head lights. Depending on your particular climatic conditions, cover two panels and come back and remove the wax from the first panels, repeat this process. If you applied this product as recommended, use should only be using light pressure to remove and buff. Additional applications will add depth of shine and reflectivity. We recommend waiting 12-24 hours for wax to cure, should you elect to apply a second application.

Special Notes: MoonShine High Quality Car Care chemicals are more sensitive to high temperatures than national brands as some ingredients will vaporize off, thus changing how the product performs. Please store them at room temperature.

I hope you have found this informative and helpful. If you have any questions please call me at 520-577-1034.

Words and photos supplied by‘s David Baird.

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Streetside Classics

Moonshine Car Care Products

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