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Randy Bohl takes some laps around ISM Raceway in a two seat NASCAR Race Car

ISM Raceway

Avondale, ARIZ. (February 3, 2019) – Arizona Auto Scene recently had the opportunity to take a few laps around ISM Raceway in a two seat NASCAR race car and we put photographer Randy Bohl in the passenger seat for what would most likely be the thrill of a lifetime on the one mile tri oval.

ISM Raceway

Randy headed out to ISM Raceway and here’s what he had to say about the experience;

We had the opportunity to be a part of the Nascar Experience and take a “second seat” ride around ISM Raceway this past Friday.

ISM Raceway

“First thing we’ve all known forever is that race cars don’t have doors so climbing in through the passenger side window is a new experience, hold your arms out while the official straps you into the five- point harness and hooks you Hans device to the seat leaving you just enough range of motion to look over at the driver.  When the engine fires it’s a low rumble and not nearly as loud or piercing as the pipes outside.”

“Off pit road onto the back stretch towards turn one we are so busy taking pictures it’s half way through turn one when the g-force pulls us into the straps when we realize we are really starting to move.  The car sticks like a giant go-kart accelerating through 1 and 2 and then down the straightaway what seems inches from the wall where we approach turn three pushing 140mph, the grandstands looming ahead, and the “Safer Barrier” which looks like a WALL is intimidating.  The driver hit’s his braking marks (the harnesses feel real nice about now) and drops left and down inside on turn three, into what seems like a two story elevation drop.  From the inside it’s back on the accelerator straight at the turn four start finish line, through the dog leg and repeat, adrenaline flowing.”

ISM Raceway

“Our biggest surprise about the track itself after years of spectating be it from the grandstands or the infield was the amount of elevation change.  The gradual uphill from turn four through the dog leg to turn one and that drop from the straight to the inside of turn 3-4 is a blast! (after the first time)”

“Our ride was over all to quickly but as everyone we saw at the Nascar Experience we couldn’t help but climb back out that window with a great big smile.”

The opportunity to ride in a NASCAR race car comes prior to the running of the Ticket Guardian 500 race weekend at ISM Raceway.  Both NASCAR Monster Energy Cup and Xfinity Series teams will be practicing on Friday evening.  The Xfinity series race is Saturday and the Both NASCAR Monster Energy Cup series race is on Sunday.  Click here to learn more.

Photos courtesy of Randy Bohl for Arizona Auto Scene.

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