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2020 Shelby GT500 details released by Ford Performance at Barrett-Jackson Northeast

ford barrett jackson

Uncasville, CONN. (July 16, 2019) – Ford and Barrett Jackson partner to connect with car enthusiasts.

Craig Jackson says “We’ve had a great partnership with Ford over the years”. Since 2005, from auctioning off cars like the first vin GT500 in 2007 and to 2019, raising 3.6 million dollars for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) for the Ford GT Heritage Edition and vin #1 2020 GT500 this year alone, totaling over 6 million dollars for charity over the years together with Edsel and Caroll as front men during the auctions. This tradition will continue into the future with the auctions of a black Heritage Edition Ford GT and the 2005 white and blue striped Ford GT that was the test mule for Ford SVT Engineering Division, owned only by Ford Motor Company and is fully titleable with proceeds donated to JDRF.

One thing Ford learned from partnering with Barrett Jackson, is that there is a huge group of car enthusiasts that come to these events. Jim Owens from Ford Performance, Craig Jackson and Steve Davis from Barrett Jackson, and Scott Black from TimePiece Public Relations, are all enthusiasts themselves. They all have performance Shelbys and Fords in their personal collections and know what the car enthusiasts coming to Barrett Jackson want to see. From the car displays, you notice not just the lineup of current models from the manufacturers, but a strong performance car presence. The Ford Motor Company display wants to connect these enthusiasts on a personal level, from the backdrop of the streets of San Francisco behind the new Bullitt Mustang, to the backdrop of Carroll Shelby in a 67 GT500 surrounded by children behind the new 2020 GT500. Not just displaying these new performance cars, Ford Performance offers Thrill Rides in their performance vehicles which consisted in the new 2.3 High Performance Package Mustang, Bullitt Mustang, Shelby GT350, and the Ford GT. In Scottsdale Barrett Jackson, Ford also has indoor Dynamometer drag racing in actual Mustang convertibles for consumers to drive. With so much offered for the car enthusiasts, it makes for a very memorable and joyful experience.

ford barrett jackson

2020 Shelby GT500

Jim Owens, Performance Marketing Manager at Ford Motor Company, introduced the new 2020 GT500 as “This isn’t your grandpa’s GT500.” Back in 1967, when Carroll Shelby came back from GT40 program, Shelby launched the GT500 with ads of “the Le Mans inspired engine”. Jim followed up by stating “It was a straight line beast. It was a monster. Fast forward to ‘07 when we launched the GT500 again. It was pretty…..It could do road courses, right?”

The new generation of GT500s were actually pretty good on a road course. With improvements through the years in models like the KR, and the 13/14 with 662 horsepower and speeds of more than 200 mph, the GT500s are incredible performance cars. They did everything well but as Jim puts it “Anyway, it was a straight line car.”

The 2020 GT500 is the fastest production Mustang in a straight line and on a road course that Ford Motor Company has ever produced. It was made to serve both genres extremely well. Owens states “Zero to 60 in the mid threes. Out of the dealership, Sub 11 second quarter mile times on the stock production tires. I know the number, but we are certifying it with the NHRA and we will let the journalist actually confirm what we know, and it’s not right underneath there. It is faster at VIR than almost any car we have tested. I know there’s one that’s just a little quicker at it..It actually had won 24 hours of Le Mans.”

The technology starts with the same 5.2 liter that is in the GT350. It is reinforced to handle the increased torque and horsepower, with will also carry over to all the ‘19 and ‘20 GT350s which retains their 526 horsepower, 8250 rpm redline with flat plane crank. The GT500 has a cross plane crank because when you force air into a flat plane crank shaking of things starts occurring. On top of the GT500 engine is a 2.65 liter supercharger. It has an intercooler and separate cooling circuit to keep the boost from building heat. Ford developed a new oil pan with several baffles to keep the oil sump submerged for added reliability. The end result is an astonishing 760 horsepower and 625 ft-lbs of torque. Making it the most efficient supercharged production V8 ever built.

With such a powerful engine, Ford had to design the air flow to do very specific things, cooling, direction, and downforce, while maintaining a lower coefficient of drag. The 2020 Shelby GT500 has 50% more intake area on the front grilles. That is necessary because of the 8 heat exchangers, consisting of the engine’s 2 coolant radiators and an oil cooler, he supercharger has 2 heat exchangers, and also coolers for the transmission, differential, and AC condenser. The latest GT500 was developed using supercomputers, 3-D printers, race simulators, wind tunnels and race tracks. Early aerodynamics of the GT500 depended heavily on 3-D printed parts, crafted at Ford’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford, that were fitted to a dark blue GT350 test mule.. It then underwent extensive aerodynamics testing at Ford’s wind tunnel. The basic handling package of the new GT500 has a newly designed larger rear spoiler which with the Gurney flap you can install provides an additional 397 ft-lbs of downforce. The flap can be removed for increased gas mileage. With the optional Carbon Fiber Track Package, you receive the same double adjustment carbon rear wing used on Ford’s GT4 race cars.

Ford Performance worked with their partners from the Recaro, Magnaride, Carbon Revolution, Michelin,and Brembo to develop componentry that would deliver the most out of the car. The 2020 Shelby GT500 brakes are larger than any other domestic car. Brembo supplies 6-piston fixed calipers with 4-pistons at the rear. SJW developed a new 2-piece design that measures 16.5″. This offers 25% more swept area than the GT350, and the aluminum hubs will quickly cool off. Ford has included adjustable caster and camber plates on the shock towers for the Magnaride shocks. Since the main focus in developing the 2020 GT500 was a track car, Ford went back to their partner Carbon Revolution who makes the GT350R carbon wheels and challenged them to produce a wheel an inch bigger in diameter and wider. They were able to produce a larger, wider wheel weighing the same as the GT350R’s wheel resulting in the same 50 pound saving of unsprung rotating mass, which is a huge amount for good drivers seeking lower lap times. To help keep the GT500 glue to the road the wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 special compound tires. Of course you have to order the Carbon Fiber Track Pack which includes the 11.5″ wide carbon fiber wheels, dive planes, the GT4 track spoiler, and no rear seats to take advantage of these weight savings.

Now the real big news for the 2020 GT500 is the lack of a third pedal. Instead, Ford Performance engineers worked with Tremec to develop a unique seven speed dual clutch transmission for this car. It is not an automatic that you control the valve bodies with your paddle shifter, it is a legitimate dual clutch transmission that electronically does what your left foot does. Jim Owens says “Why is this important? From a performance standpoint, the faster you can get into your power at the correct RPMs, the faster you’re going to be around a racetrack. That’s why your supercars have dual clutches…. We have that dual clutch technology in the Shelby GT500 and we did it specifically for performance.”

ford barrett jackson

The Mustang Lineup

There is a reason why the 2020 GT500 has the biggest snake ever put on a Mustang. It is without a doubt the baddest, fastest Mustang that Ford has ever produced. It is also the first time in 50 years that both the GT350 and GT500 will be available in dealerships at the same time.

Along with the Bullitt and the Performance package Mustang GTs, Ford Motor Company has released a new 2020 2.3 liter High Performance Mustang. It was developed by Ford engineers at their test track in Arizona, by taking the engine out of the Focus RS test mule and turning it 90 degrees and installing it in a Mustang. Within 15 months it developed into a full blown program which resulted in the production of the 2.3 High performance. The motor was slightly detuned from 350 horsepower to 330 horsepower. This was done for two reasons, the turning direction of the engine, and the second was to get available peak torque and horsepower farther across the spectrum of the RPM band, resulting in about 80% of your torque available from 2500RPMs to red line. The retro style badges, along with the 4 cylinder turbo motor, it does bring back memories of those first small engine HiPo 289 Mustangs of 1965. With so many choices, Ford Motor Company is using the consumer feedback they receive through partnering with Barrett Jackson to offer the car enthusiast plenty of different performance vehicles in their new Mustang line.

Check out some Ford Performance Thrill Ride video from Barrett-Jackson Northeast.

Words, photos and videos by Moonshine Car Care sponsored auto enthusiast Dave Klemenz for Arizona Auto Scene.

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