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Contact Tom Schlitter
Scottsdale, Arizona
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Gateway Classic Cars is coming to Arizona! We're the largest retailer of classic and collectible cars and trucks in the world. Check out our website and you'll see why we're the ONLY choice when it comes to selling your car quickly and for the most money. If you're a buyer, we always have 2400-plus cars available and can help you make your dream car come true by offering financing, trades, and shipping assistance. Click here -

We have a call center whose sole purpose is to find high-quality cars just like yours. You'd certainly expect (and rightly so) all of your car's roommates while in our care to be of the same quality, and they most certainly are. We also offer financing and can take trade-ins, which are evaluated by our knowledgeable staff in 15 other showrooms across the country, should the buyer be out of the area but near one of our showrooms.

We'll consign your car for 90 days and place it in our state-of-the-art new showroom and aggressively market it all over the globe. We make our profit by adding a reasonable fee on top of your asking price. This allows you to get the most money for your baby. All of our profit is paid by the buyer, not you. We're a high-volume dealer, selling close to 400 cars each month. We're simply the best at what we do.

We're the best because we have over one million Facebook followers and get over 3.5 million hits on our website each month. We use a combination of 260-plus websites to custom-market your consignment worldwide. This means your car will be noticed by the right type of buyer. No tire kickers, but serious buyers.

In addition, we sell over 80% of our vehicles within the contracted 90-day consignment period. Of everything sold, nearly 75% of the buyers NEVER SEE THE CAR. Buyers are so impressed with our 100-plus photos and a full-length video along with our impeccable reputation that they buy our cars in full confidence. We're even happy to make all of the shipping arrangements. What does this mean for you? Well, your best chance of selling your vehicle quickly and for the most money.

You can be sure that your vehicle is in good hands in our showroom, because we have a dedicated showroom attendant whose sole job is to keep your vehicle clean, the battery charged, etc., and the showroom looking its best. Consignments are not allowed out on test-drives without a significant deposit and every visitor is escorted around the showroom to prevent any undesired contact with the cars.

We're truly a full-service classic car consignment seller. We take the worry and stress out of the entire process. You'll never have to fret about unscrupulous characters that want to come by your home to see the car, identity thieves, people who provide counterfeit funds, and the myriad of other problems that can irreparably compromise your personal security.

From your first initial phone call until you come pick up your check, NOBODY will treat you more fairly and work diligently with your best interests in mind at all times.

Call your Scottsdale Business Development Manager, Tom, today for a no-cost, no obligation evaluation of your special-interest vehicle. He can easily be reached at 623-217-4038 and is always happy to talk to anyone about cars. Please, only call if you have a car in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. We do not sell project cars or poorly preserved cars of any kind.

Our program will be fully explained to you, your car thoroughly inspected, and a detailed market analysis performed with you present to get you on your way to a successful sale. NOTHING is hidden. We strive to be fully transparent and encourage customer input and participation during the evaluation process.

What are you waiting for? Everything we offer you costs you ZERO DOLLARS. To bring your car in, safely kept in our showroom, and marketed, we have the network to bring in highly-qualified buyers by offering excellent value on each car, full service to both consignors and buyers, and complete satisfaction.

Call Tom today!
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    Streetside Classics

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    Gateway Classic Cars