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Moonshine Car Care Products

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Contact Chris Guimarin
Scottsdale, Arizona
$ 1.00

Are you confident your insurer understands the unique insurance coverage a collector car requires? Or are you just protecting your vehicle with a glorified auto policy?
American National realizes collector cars and trucks are a big investment and, above all else, a passion. A team of our employees who also happen to be collector vehicle owner's and enthusiasts created a specialized insurance product exclusively for owners like you.
Experience has shown us ther's certain coverage all collector vehicle owners need and want, so we automatically include the following coverage in our collector car policies:

*Agreed Value Coverage - If your vehicle is declared a total loss in a covered accident, American National will pay you the vehicle's value shown on your policy, less the deductible.

*Generous Annual Mileage - You probably didn't build or purchase your collector vehicle to sit in a garage, so American National allows you up to 10,000 miles per year.

*Repair Facility Choice - You have the freedom to decide which repair facility will fix your vehicle if it is damaged in a covered accident.

*Spare Parts Coverage - Spare parts are an investment. Your policy includes $1,000 of coverage for any spare parts you purchase for your covered vehicle.
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Moonshine Car Care Products

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