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Moonshine Car Care Products

An Original Arizona Polish is Back in the form of Looking Good with Super Gloss!


Gilbert, ARIZ. (June 22, 2016) – Back in the late 70’s, Mr. Harold Gray owned a car wash on Cave Creek Road.  Mr. Gray was in need of an all purpose cleaner/polisher that would remove road grime and tar from the cars as they exited his car wash, he subsequently developed a formula that he named Super Gloss.  Super Gloss became a hit due to it’s ease of use and “unbelievable gloss and beauty” left behind.  It was one of the finest polishes at removing oxidation from faded paint.

Super Gloss was produced in Phoenix until Mr. Gray decided to retire and sell the rights to his formula to a person in Amarillo, Texas.  The formula for Super Gloss changed hands one time in Amarillo before being acquired by Arizona based DNB Distributors in 2013.  One of the most universal cleaners/polishes on the market, Super Gloss is now produced right here in Gilbert, Arizona.

DNB tells us that Super Gloss is excellent on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, helicopters, tractors, aluminum, appliances, glass, mirrors, marble, tile, golf clubs, golf carts, gold, silver, plastic and a host of other surfaces.  DNB says that in the long run, Super Gloss is less expensive than other polishes because it goes further and lasts longer.

Having received a sample of Super Gloss from DNB Distributors, we recently had an opportunity to put it through its paces when we stopped by a friends house.  When we arrived, he had pulled a headlight out of his Chevy truck to buff it with Flitz.  I asked him why he was going through all that trouble to clean his headlights and he told me they were oxidized and the light output was diminished.  I told him not to remove the other headlight and ran home to get our bottle of Super Gloss.

We returned with the Super Gloss, applied a small amount onto a micro fiber cloth, when our friend asked if we wanted to wash the bugs off the headlight first.  As we were told Super Gloss is supposed to remove road grime and tar, we said no, it’s supposed to remove just about anything but the paint.  With just about 60 seconds of polishing, Super Gloss not only removed the bugs, but adequately removed the oxidation from the headlight.  See the results below.

Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, we cleaned his wife’s headlight’s too with the same results.  See below.

We were impressed with Super Gloss and believe you will be too.

You can get your bottle of Super Gloss by clicking here or going to

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Moonshine Car Care Products

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