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Moonshine Car Care Products

To Dress Your Tires or Not to Dress Them with MoonShine Car Care Products

Would you like to have your tires look as good as your paintwork? Then the question becomes; To dress your tires or not to dress them? The answers I receive from my customers are as varied as the cars themselves, as well as some of the things that they do to achieve their desired look can be seriously crazy. Which by the way do not provide for any protection or conditioning of the rubber. For me, my vehicle does not leave the garage without having dressed the tires each time I wash it. I simply cannot embrace the concept of having gleaming paint and chrome only to look down and see nice wheels with dingy gray, brownish rubber. If you can no longer get down on your knees any longer, I understand, but it is embarrassing and secondly, simply put, the job is not finished until the tires are cleaned and dressed. That’s why it’s called Detailing!

That being said, I do understand why many hesitate in dressing their tires. With many of the dressings that are on the market today, the tires, wheel wells and fenders look worse dressed than undressed. These vehicle owners simply have not been introduced to a product and technic that provides the look, protection, and conditioning that they expect. A good tire dressing should help prevent drying, fading and cracking as well as providing a reasonably long lasting good look. However, the desired Look, like in art work, is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefor there is no one solution.

I am going to attempt to bring to your attention a product and technic that addresses what the greatest majority of my customers continually ask for.

  1. Non-sling
  2. Non-greasy
  3. Won’t attract dust
  4. Satin finish
  5. Durability of 3-4 weeks for daily drivers

My product line; MoonShine Car Care Products produces a Tire Dressing that answers all the items above plus, provides a UV Sunscreen, an Anti-Static additive that dries completely to the touch in a few minutes, and yes it will last for three to four weeks on a daily driver, longer on a weekend driver, unless you are driving through a lot of rain. As a bonus and with all my products, a little goes a long way so use it sparingly and the bottle will last a long time.

All of these wonderful attributes are easily achievable so long as you very thoroughly clean the rubber from all its accumulated grim, and they are dirty, perhaps the dirtiest parts of your vehicle.

Now I know that every one of you who are reading this would tell me, I know how to clean my tires and wheels. I have been doing it since I was a kid. Maybe forty to fifty plus years, right? And that is most likely true, however in forty to fifty years more than a few changes have occurred to chemicals, and MoonShine products are not like the national brands. So, at the risk of sounding foolish, I will provide you with a quick outline of what works well with MoonShine chemicals.

Do to the amount of grim on tires and wheels, always best to wash them first before you wash the vehicle. Never use the same water from the tires to wash the vehicle.

There are two different methods I use, depending on how much the vehicle has been driven and under what conditions. The two procedures are slightly different. For light duty cleaning I simply use MoonShine Car Shampoo diluted 1oz to one gallon of warm to very warm water on cool tires & wheels. For normal daily driving grim, I use Tire & Wheel Cleaner, as outlined here.

  1. Beginning with cool dry tires and wheels, generously spray Tire & Wheel Cleaner to the Tires and Wheels starting from the top of the tire working down. Let the chemical work for 30-60 seconds.
  2. Then with a moderately firm to soft brush, thoroughly scrub the rubber starting from the top and work around to the bottom.
  3. Now with a very soft brush or tool of your choice, lightly clean the wheels. (I have really grown to like the natural sea sponge for light to medium duty grim. When wet they are very soft, won’t scratch, yet tuff. Brake dust and oils do not stain them. Simply rinse them clean when finished.)
  4. Thoroughly rinse each tire and wheel. I find it works best to do one at a time.
  5. If you have fenders, now is a good time to wash the inside of the wheel wells. My 20” angled wheel well brush is great for this task. The length and angle will surely save your knuckles.
  6. Dry the rubber with a blower or towel and be sure to dry the wheels to help prevent water spots.
  7. I prefer to apply Tire Dressing with an applicator rather than spraying the Dressing directly to the tire. Spraying directly wastes product, and like paint, the over spray travels and gets all over everything, plus it runs down on your concrete and stains it.
  8. Spray Tire Dressing to an applicator and start at the top of the tire and work around the outside of the tire first, working into the wheel, while attempting to even out the application. Four to six busts from the trigger sprayer on the applicator for a large SUV tire is plenty. Use the product sparingly. It goes along way.
  9. (This is an important step) Let the dressing dry for five to ten minutes or longer. Using an old (through away) terry cloth or cheap Microfiber, buff the tire around in circles to remove excess dressing and to flatten out the areas where the dressing has been applied too thick.
  10. At this point I like to go back to the wheels and apply 007 Detail Spray to remove any water spots, Tire Dressing and brighten them up.
  11. If you would like your tires to have more shine, simply add another application of Tire Dressing.

If you choose to use MoonsShine Car Shampoo for light grim in lieu of Tire & Wheel Cleaner.

NEVER EVER use house hold chemicals on your vehicle. The formulas are blended to clean completely different types of grim. Long term use could be detrimental to your finishes and materials.

Words and photos courtesy of MoonShine’s David Baird for Arizona Auto Scene.

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Moonshine Car Care Products

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