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Boychuk overcomes adversity to make it to the Finals during the inaugural United Nitro Funny Car Championship at Tucson Dragway

Tucson, ARIZ (September 15, 2018) – The Good Vibration Motorsports United Nitro Funny Championship ran chose Tucson Dragway to run its inaugural race.  With payouts up to $7,500 and $1,000 just to show, there was a lot on the line so the teams had to be on their game Saturday.

A total of 11 fuel funny cars showed to qualify for what would ultimately be an eight car field.  Matt Bynum, Steven Densham,Tim Boychuk, Bobby Cottrell, Geoff Monise, Bill Windham, Jason Rupert, and Mark Sanders qualified for the show Saturday.

After the completion of Round 1, it would be Boychuck, Bynum, Cottrell, and Rupert running for a chance to compete to leave their mark on making it into the final round of eliminations of the inaugural United Nitro Funny Championship.

During the semi-finals, Rupert had issues and Cottrell took an easy win.  It wasn’t so easy for Tim Boychuk as he faced off against Matt Bynum.  After staging, Bynum treed Boychuk with a .081 light against Boychuk’s .124.  After playing catch up, Boychuk beat Bynum at the stripe, running a 5.871 at 242.28 mph.  Bynum ran a respectable 5.923 at 243.90 mph.  Unfortunately, Boychuk hurt a piston and blew the burst panel at the top end of the track, damaging the roof of his body in the process of taking the win for the finals.

With a $7,500 purse on the line it was all hands on deck to get Boychuk back to the starting line for the final rounds of eliminations.  Serendipity Visuals Ken Sklute, shooting for Arizona Auto Scene even lent a helping hand to his good friend Tim by fueling the funny car and making sure Boychuk’s golf had charged batteries to fire the Hemi when the car got up to the starting line.  The Mr. Explosive crew of Mark Sanders stepped up and repaired the body of Tim Boychuk’s Happy Hour to get him back to the starting line in time for the finals.  Boychuk’s crew repaired the injured engine.

It was an excellent show of sportsmanship with all of those who pitched in to get Tim back on the track, but it wouldn’t be enough for a win as Boychuk’s team did not have time to service the clutch and set the tune on the car.  Cottrell left on a .093 light and ran a 5.665 at 244.92 mph for 1st place $7,500 purse.  Boychuk left on a .131 light and went on to run a 8.352 at 103.61 mph after letting off the gas, taking home $5,000 on the process.  3rd and 4th took home $3,500 and $2,500 respectively.

Jerry Hall and a few other members of the Western Fuel Altereds were on hand making some passes down the quarter mile and Jim Maroney made a pass in the Candies and Hughes alcohol funny car.

Thanks to Ken Sklute of Serendipity Visuals for photos from the inaugural United Nitro Funny Championship from Tucson Dragway.

Scroll down to take in a few of Ken Sklute’s photos from the show.

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