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Dyno Night at Outlawed Street Cars

outlawed street cars

Tempe, ARIZ. (July 1, 2018) – The intersection of McClintock and Broadway has see so much horsepower pass through in years until Saturday night when Outlawed Street Cars hosted a Dyno night at their tuning facility.  Outlawed Street Cars in known for building and tuning some of the fastest street cars in the Valley and the crowd that showed up Saturday shows they have a strong fan and customer base.

outlawed street carsSeveral hundred people showed up at the Dyno Night and Outlawed Street Cars owner Matt Tennant had his hands full kicking it off.  With a Dyno that was was upgraded earlier just that very day, it was all hands on deck to get it up and running as well as interfacing with the computer.  The problems were overcome and it was time to lay down some runs on the Dyno.

As people checked out the rides that showed up to the event or watched the Dyno runs, they also had the opportunity to take in some grub from the food trucks that showed up for the event.

Though not everyone who wanted their car run on the Dyno had the opportunity, those that did put out some big numbers.  We’re not going to going to out this sleeper, but the most powerful vehicle run on the Dyno put out 1,366.81 horsepower and 1,491.36  foot pounds of torque.

They don’t call it Outlawed Street Cars for nothing.  The law showed up around midnight and shut the event down.  No harm as it was scheduled to end at midnight anyways.

Kris Szczepaniec photographed the event for Arizona Auto Scene.  Scroll down to check out his photos the event.

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